Shades of Style: Styling Session with Stylist Clare Ryan

Shades of Style: Styling Session with Stylist Clare Ryan
Clare Ryan is a seasoned Australian fashion stylist with over 15 years of experience spanning across various lifestyles. Her multifaceted career has seen her flourish as a stylist, journalist, and editor, leaving an indelible mark on online media, print media, and social platforms. Clare now lends her expertise to an impressive range of ventures, from freelance styling to contributing to publications like STM, The West Australian, and digital platforms such as Broadsheet and Perth Is Ok. As a personal stylist for Claremont Quarter, Clare also spends her days curating captivating ensembles for wardrobe revamps for clients. From food to homes and fashion, her creative expertise knows no bounds. 

We recently caught up with Clare to talk about her idea of the ultimate girls' day out, tips on styling our new Florence sunglass frames, and the key to effortlessly incorporating statement eyewear into your wardrobe. Join us as we delve into the world of style with the ever-inspiring Clare Ryan. 

We all love a girls' day out. Describe your ideal day out with friends.

I can’t think of anything better than a late lunch or early dinner with my girls. Sitting together and laughing/chatting over the top of each other, with a wine or cocktail (martini or margarita please) in hand and ordering way too much delicious food. Definitely somewhere along the coast, so you can watch the sunset and lose track of time.

If you were styling the Sito Florence frames for a client, what would be your top three outfit recommendations to complement them?

  1.   GOLD ACCESSORIES: Whether it’s a pair of statement earrings or a necklace. The little pop of gold in the Florence frames just instantly elevates every outfit, and looks beautiful when teamed with gold jewellery.

  2.     ALL BLACK OUTFIT: You could wear a simple black tee and black blazer, or a detailed black top or lbd (little black dress). There’s something chic about a black outfit teamed with sleek shades like the Florence.

  3.     JEANS AND WHITE TSHIRT: I’m thinking wide leg jeans and an oversized white linen shirt (tucked or not tucked, you choose, you can’t go wrong). It’s such a classic outfit combo that deserves a classic pair of black shades that are just timeless


How to style the Sito Shades Florence Sunglasses for Women

1. Linen Shirt - Seed, 2. Bag - Billini, 3. Jeans - Pull&Bear, 4. Earrings - Mejuri,
5. Sunglasses - Sito Shades, 6. Sneakers - Onitsuka Tiger. 

The Florence sunglasses feature unique gold detailing which can be seen as a statement piece to an outfit. How do you strike a balance between making them the focal point and ensuring they harmonise with the overall look?

Think of them as the “cherry on top” of your outfit! The final touch that just brings everything together. You can easily balance the outfit by ensuring that you have a hint of black somewhere else in your ensemble – it could be your sneakers, heels or a shoulder bag.

If the Florence frames were a celebrity, who would they be and why? Describe the vibe they bring to the occasion.

I think Florence gives a bit of a Kendall Jenner vibe. Confident and chic. Kendall Jenner changes her style and vibe constantly, and whatever she puts on just works – like Sito Shades Florence sunglasses, whatever you wear with them, just works. The style goes with everything!

Fashion is all about expressing oneself. What's one personal styling rule you live by when it comes to accessorising with sunglasses?

I’m all for having multiple pairs of sunglasses for different outfits. Change it up! Think of your sunglasses as you would a pair of earrings (or a bag, or pair of shoes). You like to change earrings or shoes to match different outfits or your mood. Sunglasses are the same! They instantly add to your outfit.

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Fashion Stylist Clare Ryan wears Sito Shades Florence sunglasses for women